How to concentrate on writing a novel

The process of writing a novel requires that a writer has absolute attention on the work at hand. The concentration level must be beyond reproach. Some new writers or experienced ones find it difficult to focus on their writing due to certain interference. In this article, we discuss different tricks that you can use to improve your level of concentration. When followed to the letter, these tricks massively improve the level of a writer’s focus.


1. Planning ahead
To most writers, planning ahead can be done at any place, when doing things other than writing. You can plan on what you’ll write when you are taking a walk, waiting in a line, driving to the shop or any other such activity. So, when the time comes for doing the actual writing, you have your thoughts well planned out. Writing time is therefore dedicated entirely to writing and not any other thing. This keeps the focus fixed on the novel. Hence, no time is wasted and a good-quality novel is a result.

2. Engaging in a physical activity
Physical activities such as swimming, walking, running and other less engaging physical activities help relieve the body of stress. In fact, these activities make the body healthier. When you are healthy, your ability to concentrate improves tremendously. When you are physically active, you get better sleep which translates to an improved focus of the mind.

3. Eliminating distractions
Distractions such as unpleasant noises can hurt your focus when writing. However, a sound like music ( here is some relaxing music : )can actually boost the concentration of some writers. If there are distractions when you write, ensure you eliminate them in order to focus more. The best and easiest way to do this is by isolating yourself and full concentration. Probably, you can find a room and set it aside for writing. This can reduce distractions, hence, improving your concentration. Also, if you can’t concentrate with noise around you, you can use headphones that cancel the noise.

4. Limiting the time spent writing
Most new writers believe that the longer they spend writing, the better the output they get. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time writing will harm your concentration levels and in turn, the quality of your work. If you spend a lot of time writing, you realize that most of it is spent on procrastination and not writing. At the end of the day, the amount of work you do and the quality drops so low. Proper concentration can only be achieved if you spend a reasonable amount of time. The concentration span of a person also has limits. When you exceed your limit, you end up wasting much of the time.


If you have a lot of time to recover, for example after a plastic surgery or a broken bone, you may use this extra time to isolate yourself and have full concentration. You may use tecniques to isolate your mind.

5. Break down your tasks
Some writers use a technique called the Promodo technique. It breaks tasks into periods of 25 minutes, after which there are 3-5 minutes rest periods. The breaks are made longer after every four of the 25-minute periods. If you apply this approach to your writing, you’re likely to stay focused. Your concentration levels remain high throughout.

If you use these tricks, you’ll definitely find writing a refreshing activity. Apart from improving your concentration, they improve your creativity which is an integral part of novel-writing. So, writing doesn’t have to be a frowned-at task. Within no time, you’ll realize how much your writing has improved when you apply these tricks.

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